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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mud mud mud

Did it rain at your ceremony site recently? No problem!

I have a great plywood board that I can bring with me to protect the harp and equipment from the damp ground. It can also help with leveling out an uneven surface...but one thing some people don't think about is the pathway the harp must often travel to get to the ceremony site. In one of my weddings yesterday, I had to wheel the harp about 100 yards in the thick mud. The ceremony site was wonderful but because of the mud they wouldn't let cars close and there was nothing I could do. This was not only taxing on me, but took a very long time. Not to mention what it did to my shoes. There is no one to blame for this however, it would help that your vendors know they may have some walking to do so they can prepare. Had I known that the ceremony cite was so far away from parking, I would have been more prepared. Sometimes I can bring old carpet pieces or car mats to help in the transportation.

But all of my couples had great weather yesterday (maybe a little humid). But nothing close to the rain that we were expecting! So congrats to James and Misti and Mike and Carrie.


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