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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 2011

Wow! Between twitter, facebook and now tumblr, I am behind on my blogging. I do it, I know it do it...I just think I do it while I am meeting new clients or other vendors.

It is 2011. I have already performed a wedding, and two private events! This is turning out to be a great year. There are still plenty of open days left in 2011 so please don't hesitate to contact me about your wedding plans.
The trends this year look to be harp duets. Flute and violin have been in the top requests this year but I have also been asked about cello, vocals, guitar and even accordion! I am willing to try anything.

New music is also going to be important. While more contemporary standards are still on the hot list, brides are pushing for new music that is important to them. Remember, music is what stays with you and triggers a memory. Your cake is gone, dress is stored away, and pictures on a disk...but you will be somewhere and hear the music from your wedding. Especially now that we are able to perform a wider variety of music. As musicians, we have greater access to more music and are able to try new things.

Let me know what you think the trends will be for 2011!

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