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Monday, August 24, 2009

Perfect weather

It just goes back to what I always.....no one wants rain on the harp! So even though the clouds looked a bit ominous on Saturday night, the wedding was great. Who would have thought we would be chilly in August. Only last week I was outside at Ball State and it was so sunny!

Great work by the staff at White River Gardens! As always, the facility looked amazing. I don't think there are any bad "flower" days there.

I am often asked "how do you get the harp to ____________" (fill in out door location). Part of it is just having doing it. With a facility like WRG, I know the staff very well. I often contact them directly the day before the event and let them know what time I will be arriving so they can help me by unlocking gates, giving me security codes, or providing additional help. That way, I don't have to bother the bride or wedding planner at the event. Plus, I am pretty resourceful. It is an unfamiliar location, I just start asking people. Eventually I find my way in. Once you start unloading a harp and rolling it around, you would be surprised at how easy the doors open!

There are still some gorgeous days this fall to come and look forward to my outdoor events, as well as the new locations I am visiting for the first time. Don't rule out harp if you are worried about the harp getting to the location. We find a way. And remember, no one wants it to rain on the harp, so it doesn't!

Have a great day!

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